High Performance Additives
HIPERADD enables superior properties for the production of laminates in the woodworking industry.

Chemisol manufactures both processing and functional additives which are used for paper impregnation and board production.

Our HIPERADD range of high performance additives are liquid materials with a clear to slightly milky appearance. They are specially designed to help the woodworking industry manufacture end products that offer superior strength and reliability.

What these high performance additives can do for you:

Our HIPERADD line of additives are ideally suited for paper impregnation and board production and are available as processing aids or functional products.

For paper impregnation, our additives are applied in small amounts to the aminoplastic resins which facilitates either the processing or functional stages of laminate production.


Our HIPERADD additives for Paper Impregnation include:

Release agent
Wetting agent
Combined agents
Antidust-Smoothing agent
Hardeners for MF and UF resin

Gloss enhancer
Scratch Resistance agent

Cleaning agent

The HIPERADD functional additives are incorporated during the process of impregnation to yield specific properties of the finished surface of the laminate.

For Board Production our line of high performance additives include:


Internal release agents
External release agents

Paintability Enhancer

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