Wetting agents

HIPE®ADD W1 - Wetting and Transparency agent

This additive is designed to combine a strong and powerful wetting agent for difficult decorative papers like dark and unicolor and improving transparency for the impregnation of corunded overlay paper with MF resin and for the addition to MF/corundum mixtures in the Liquid Overlay process. The special formula guarantees an extremely low foam formation.
HIPE®ADD W1 creates the needed compatibility between MF resin and inorganic particles bringing in this way an excellent wetting and transparency.



It is a highly efficient wetting agent for all impregnation steps with low foam formation.
It produces an efficient and homogenous penetration of the resin into the  paper.

HIPE®ADD NU04 does not contain any wax or silicone and is nonylphenol free.