Wetting agents


This strong wetting agent is able to assure very fast and homogeneous penetration of UF/MUF/MF resin during impregnation process. It has been specifically developed for the most critical situations (i.e. impregnation of dark, black, unicolor papers) but it can also be used for all types of papers to achieve outstanding results.
Compared to all wetting agents available in the market, HIPERADD WT41 shows a reduction in penetration time from 20 to 50%. Such a reduction allows to run impregnation lines at very high speed assuring, at the same time, superior wetting properties.
Thanks to its peculiar formulation, HIPERADD WT41 generates ZERO foam into the impregnation bath, assuring a very homogeneous resin distribution both in the paper’s core and surface.



It is a highly efficient wetting agent for all impregnation steps with low foam formation and good economic value.
It produces an efficient and homogenous penetration of the resin into the  paper.