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Chemisol Italia S.r.l. is a dynamic and competent chemical company that has been producing and marketing melamine resins in powder form, for the companies co-located at the Castellanza - Olgiate Olona site for more than 40 years.

Chemisol Italia HSE-Q policy traces and defines a clear reference path on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, promoting dialogue with all stakeholders, both external and internal. 


Chemisol is commited to:

Ø  Maintain and update the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System and continuously improve its efficiency;

Ø  Scrupulously comply with the updating of laws and regulations concerning the raw materials used, production techniques, processing premises, product requirements, packaging and means of transport, also involving suppliers;

Ø  Promote the identification of the company's employees with the HSE-Q policy, sharing company objectives, promoting training, and the awareness of the role of each employee within the company and individual responsibility;

Ø  Maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders, committing them to behave coherently with this policy and ensure transparency and clarity in relationships;

Ø  Establish and maintain appropriate conditions, operating and control procedures necessary to guarantee the production of safe products and meet customer requirements and expectations;

Ø  Carry out checks, inspections and audits to identify and prevent any situations of non-compliance with the requirements of the management system;

Ø  Develop and maintain open and collaborative relationships with local authorities and all interested parties;

Ø  Manage resources (financial, infrastructural and human) in order to guarantee effective and continuous support for the growth and success of the company.

In order to make these commitments feasible, Chemisol Italia S.r.l. works to achieve an Integrated Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards, involving all the personnel working under the control of the organisation and guaranteeing full compliance with the standards set, with the purpose of continuous improvement of the Company.

Chemisol Top Management, in a perspective of continuous improvement, defines and establishes concrete targets and measures the results obtained, using them to assess the effectiveness of its Management System, providing adequate means and resources.


The organisation is equally committed to the environment as to all other management-organisational requirements.

Periodically and systematically it:

Ø  plans and implements the environmental targets and related goals;

Ø  continuously monitors the progress of these projects, taking appropriate corrective action if necessary;

Furthermore, the organisation undertakes to safeguard and protect the Environment by evaluating the management (or changes) of its production processes in order to:

Ø  reduce all forms of environmental impact (waste production, atmospheric emissions, water, soil and subsoil management);

Ø  optimise the use of  energy resources, avoiding energy waste and making use of best available technologies;

Ø  move towards alternative and environmentally friendly forms of energy.

Chemisol s.r.l. is aware of the risks that climate change may pose to its business activities and therefore considers of the utmost importance to identify the potential economic impacts of climate change, starting with a reassessment of the context in order to implement effective actions

Company main target - in accordance with laws, regulations, orders  and disciplines - is the promotion of the quality of human life, to be achieved by safeguarding and improving the environment conditions and the wise and rational use of natural resources.


Therefore, Chemisol Italia:

Ø  seeks an open dialogue with the public and interested parties in order to make them aware of the environmental impacts of its activities and its environmental principles

Ø  takes into account requests from citizens, social and trade union organisations, employees and public authorities;

Ø  cooperates with public authorities in managing possible emergency situations in order to minimise impacts on the environment.

The organisation is committed to making its employees, collaborators and all interested parties in general aware of the risks related to operational activities in order to enable to operate responsibly and consciously, promoting professional development through education, training and awareness of its staff on environmental issues. 

The tools that Chemisol implements to constantly improve are:

Ø  the continuous improvement of the performance of its Environmental Management System through the preliminary assessment of the environmental impacts related to business processes,

Ø  internal and external audits,

Ø  the management review.

The tool chosen to implement its Policy is an Environmental Management System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.


The Safety Management System adopted by Chemisol Italia S.r.l. is constantly implemented and updated in line with the current legislation, taking into account the nature and extent of the risks of the production activities and the organisational structure. The Top Management, in the perspective of continuous improvement and in order to ensure the high efficiency of its HSMS, is committed to:


Ø  Define an appropriate documentation system, ensuring that each worker can become aware of the importance of compliance with the policy, safety procedures and requirements of the safety management system;

Ø  Assess the actual or potential risks of their work activities;

Ø  Ensure that the HSE-Q Policy is endorsed at all levels of the Company's organisation;

Ø  Involve and consult employees on issues related to Occupational Safety, including Health and Safety representatives;

Ø  Encourage the continuous improvement of the individual skills of each employee and establish a good company climate;

Ø  Ensure that all workers are adequately trained, informed and sensitised to carry out their tasks safely and in compliance with environmental requirements;

Ø  Adopt all possible solutions to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.


Top Management conducts systematic audits to ensure that:

Ø  targets have been achieved and that they are appropriate and adequate to achieve the defined goals;

Ø  the pursuit of continuous improvement in all company activities is effectively implemented;

Ø  the information flow to the relevant organization levels is adequate to the targets.


The HSE-Q policy is disseminated internally to all employees by posting on notice boards and externally to all stakeholders via our website www.chemisol.it.



Castellanza, 15.03.2024                                                                              Franco Melato        


                                                                                                        CEO Chemisol Italia s.r.l.