Chemisol Italia is a dynamic and competitive chemical company, producing and selling,  since over 40 years ago,powder melamine resins.


HSE-Q policy of Chemisol Italia traces and  defines  a specific reference path regarding health, safety, environment and quality,  also promoting  the dialogue among the parties involved, both internal and external ones.






Chemisol Italia is committed to:


Ø  Keeping and updating  the managing system for quality, environment, health and safety, in the perspective of continuous improvement.


Ø  Keeping up-to-date with laws and regulations on the raw materials used, production techniques, production premises, product requirements, packaging and means of transport,  this also involving the suppliers;


Ø  Promoting  the identification of company employees with HSE-Q policy, sharing company targets, fostering training opportunities, role awareness inside the company and individual  responsibility;


Ø  Keeping an open dialogue among interested parties, committing them to behave consistently with this policy and assuring transparency and clarity in relationships;


Ø  Defining and keeping appropriate conditions, operative and control procedures necessary to guarantee the production of a safe product satisfying customer’s requirements and expectations;


Ø  Making all necessary checks, inspections and audits with the aim to indentify and prevent  possible situations not compliant with managing system requirements;


Ø  Developing and keeping open and cooperative relationships with local authorities and any further party involved;


Ø  Managing  resources (financial, infrastructural and human resources) aiming to guarantee an effective and ongoing support  towards company growth and success.



Chemisol top management, defines and settles concrete targets; it also measures obtained results, using later on these same results  to evaluate the efficacy of its integrated  managing system, making available all adequate means and resources.






The management team puts big efforts in environmental matter same as in all other managing and organisational  issues.


Periodically and systematically:


Ø  they plan and carry out environmental targets and related goals,


Ø  they check the trend of these programs continuously, implementing – if necessary – opportune corrective actions;


Moreover the organisation is committed to preserving and  protecting  the environment, also evaluating  its production processes management (and/or its related modifications), with the aim to:


Ø  reduce any kind of environmental impact (waste production, air emissions, waters-, ground  and underground management);


Ø  optimise the use of  energy resources, avoiding energy waste and making use of best available technologies;


Ø  orienting ourselves towards alternative energies with a low environmental impact.


Company main scope - in compliance with laws, regulations, orders  and disciplines - is  to improve life quality standards, safeguarding environmental condition and using natural resources rationally. Therefore, Chemisol Italia:


Ø  searches for an open dialogue with the public and with the interested parties, with the aim of explaining and sharing the environmental impacts of its activities and its own environmental principles;


Ø  takes into consideration requests coming from citizens, social and labour organizations, employees and public authorities;


Ø  cooperates with public authorities managing any possible emergency situation, with the goal of reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.


The Organization is committed to making its employees, collaborators and all interested partners, aware of risks connected to operative activities, in order to put them in the condition to operate responsibly and consciously, promoting professional growing by means of educational actions, training and  a workforce awareness campaign towards environmental matters. 


The instruments that Chemisol puts in place in order to ensure steady improvements are the following:


-          a continuous improvement of its environmental managing system performance by means of a preliminary evaluation of environmental impacts connected to business processes,


-          follow-up activities, both internally and externally,


-          management review.








Safety management system adopted by Chemisol Italia is constantly implemented and updated in line with current legislation, also taking into account nature and entity of risks connected to production activities and organisation structure.  Top management, in the perspective of continuous improving and ensuring a high efficiency level of its own safety management system, has undertaken to:


Ø  define an appropriate document management, guaranteeing that all employees are conscious and aware of the importance of complying with safety management system policy, procedures and requirements;


Ø  evaluate real and potential risks connected with its own activities;


Ø  ensure that HSE-Q policy is supported by all levels of company organization;


Ø  engage and consult employees about themes connected to occupational safety, this also through  Health and Safety representatives;


Ø  encourage continuous improvement of employees’ individual capacities and foster a good business climate;


Ø  guarantee that all workers are properly trained, informed and sensitised to perform their tasks safely and in accordance with environmental rules;


Ø  take all steps to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses.


Top management is constantly working in order to keep this policy active and alive and undertakes periodic reviews to check:


Ø  that targets have been reached and are kept at an adequate level in order to obtain defined goals;


Ø  that the pursuit of continuous improvement in all company activities is pursued efficiently;


Ø  that the information flow for the relevant organization levels is adequate to targets.


HSE-Q policy is made known to all employees of the organization by means of displaying in notice boards and externally to all stakeholders through Chemisol website www.chemisol.it








Managing Director


Dr. Franco Melato