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Gas-Chromatography – GC/Mass Spectrometry

All impregnation processes start with a resin. Sometime modification in the resin recipe or different plasticizers used may bring unexpected results on the final laminate meaning waste of papers and money.



Thanks to the last generation GCMS (Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry) we are able to check the chemical nature of any plasticizers in the impregnation resin

Moreover we are able to do a qualitative determination of main ingredients in complex matrix also using Pyrolisis-GC/MS technique.




DSC - Deep characterization of resin's reactivity directly on impregnated papers

The deep characterization of impregnated paper reactivity and its performance is often crucial to avoid production issues and improve quality.


Chemisol offers a deep know-how and support thanks to the DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) technique.

Working directly with the customer’s impregnated paper is possible to:


Monitor the aging of the paper
Checking the amount of resin pre-curing during paper storage
Predicting the optimal pressing time at any desidered temperature to reach a perfect resin curing
Compare and benchmark different impregnated papers prepared in different conditions or recipes


Microscope Infrared Spectroscopy


An even more deep paper and laminate characterization is now possible with combination of a Microscope and Infrared spectroscopy.

Chemisol can offer troubleshooting analysis to a complete understanding of problem origin like:


Chemical characterization of impurities, stains or any other contaminant on the laminate surface


 Research for any resin mixing on impregnated paper surface   


Contact angle

Determination of surface energy and wettability of your laminate surface









Elemental analysis

Determination of content of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen in your sample