High Performance Resins

HIPERESIN offer various applications ranging from the automotive to the woodworking industries.

Chemisol provides high performance melamine formaldehyde based resins which are particulary well-suited for automotive applications.

These resins are available as melamine formaldehyde powder resins, traded under the name HIPERESIN MF.

Primary applications of HIPERESIN MF:

Special solutions for the automotive sub-supplier industry (e.g. clutch facings, brake pads)
Leather tanning
Paper wet strength improvement
Impregnation for ceiling panels
Moulding compounds (e.g. tableware)
Melamine laminates
Special plywoods
Moisture resistant boards

Melamine foam-in-place insulation


Why choose HIPERESIN MF for automotive friction applications?

HIPERESIN MF powder resins are particularly advantageous for friction applications and are especially designed for high-performance brake pads and clutch linings often used in passenger cars, trucks, railway or industrial applications.

Current client tests have shown that our melamine resins withstand high operating temperatures and provide the required coefficient of friction while ensuring durability and undoubted first-rate temperature properties.

Tests at customers using HIPERESIN MF in brake pads have revealed that HIPERESIN MF enables excellent cold brake performance and improves noise damping as well as the friction coefficient during the fade test. The resin also optimizes wear properties and offers an exceptional price/performance ratio.

As a water-based system, HIPERESIN MF acts as an alternative to existing solvent based systems in clutch linings. The material reduces clutch judder and causes high burst strength in clutch linings.